One Blink Away

I’ve been getting some comic con photos scrapbooked lately. Here’s another one.

One Blink

I used a Page Maps sketch for the layout. The sketch is 8-1/2 x 11, and I stretched it out for this 12 x 12 page.

I’m gonna use this layout to talk about something that happens with every artistic endeavor. Sometimes you just aren’t happy with the final project. In this case, I love so many things about the page:

  • I like the combination of patterned papers. And several of them are years old papers from the stash.
  • I trimmed the rounded edges off the journaling card, and I think it turned out great.
  • When I was stuck for itty bitty accents, I took punctuation pieces from one of my Thickers sets. Nice!
  • The photo is cool.

But still, all those good things added up don’t quite equal a page I love. I feel like it needs more embellishments, but I played around with that for days. I wish I’d used a different sticker font for “one” and “away,” but the paper tore when I tried to remove these. So I kept them.

This may not be a page I love, but I still like it, it’s good enough, and it’s DONE. So I’m calling it good.

In the Maze

Scrapbooking products with a watercolored look are quite popular right now. I pulled this one out of the stash and used it as my background. It’s copyrighted 2003, which just emphasizes that everything old is new again.

In the Maze

I know I used a sketch for this, but I can’t find it just now. Once I figure out which it is, I will add a link.

Since I was digging into the stash, I decided to use scraps for the accenting patterned paper. This page is a nice combination of old and new products, with the journaling card being the newest one. I think I’d owned it for a week when I used it. I live by the principle that whatever looks best on the page is what I’ll use, however long I’ve had it.

Fun fact: I used green spray ink on this page. I ended up doing one spray too many; you can hardly see the pink in the background paper. But I tried to make up for it by using pink highlights on the layout.

Birthday Twins

My friend Stacey provided the color inspiration for this layout. I wanted a shade of blue that would go with the necklace she’s wearing in this photo.

Birthday Twins

I used a sketch from Inspired Blueprints for this page. I’m gonna need to add this site to my favorites page, because I’ve been using several of their sketches lately. I didn’t actually start out using this sketch. I had a different one in mind that was based more on a grid. I’ve gotten away from that style of scrapbooking; it just didn’t feel right. So I found this sketch, which did. :)

I’m not super fond of the pink Thickers I used for this layout. I think the font is too small, but it’s a great color so I’m going with it anyway.

Hello, Matt

When it comes to scrapping 8 x 10 photos, I love using the sketches at Nuts about Sketches.

Hello Matt

I chose this recent sketch for this particular layout, because I wanted plenty of room for journaling. There’s definitely a story behind the photo. Ha ha. Choosing a combination of patterned paper was a challenge because I didn’t want any particular pattern to be overwhelming. I let the page sit for a day so I could come back to it with fresh eyes, and I decided it worked for me. Then it was on to selecting the right embellishments.

I wish I had the “Hello” sticker in pink; I think the blue title blends in too much with the photo, but I went with what I had.

Fun fact: I’ve had the pink metallic paper in my stash for at least 10 years. It was nice to use it!

Circle of Friends

My friend Merianne does not like dolls (and that’s putting it rather mildly). So another friend and I decided to create an image with the dolls to use as her computer wallpaper. Then I enlarged the finished image for this page.

Circle of Friends

I used a sketch from Stuck Sketches and modified it a bit. The clock image is from a printed window sheet. When I first chose it, I had a fleeting thought that I wanted to save it for a different project. I ignored that idea. I have so many supplies that I can’t save them for the “perfect” project. I’ve been saving supplies for years. I need to use them! So I cut out the clock to use here, and I have more of the sheet I can use on something else.

Fun fact: I’ve had the word search patterned paper in my stash for a long, long time. More than 10 years, in fact. So using it is a noteworthy element of the page.

New Friends

One of my friends loves horses, so when we get a chance to see some, she likes to interact with them. Last year we found the friendly folks featured in this photo.

New Friends

I used this sketch from Sketch Savvy.


I kept the embellishments simple and had fun with the color scheme. I will definitely use this sketch again, because I love how the page turned out.


I like using up my stash, but every now and then I like to play with everything new. Such is the case with this layout.


Once again I used a sketch I found on Pinterest. Choosing a color scheme was easy once I found this triangle patterned paper. Many of the items are from a coordinating product line, but I added a few other embellishments as well.


When I get in a scrapbooking funk, two things usually help: new photos or new sketches. In this case, I’ve had the photo strip for a while, but the sketch is one I’ve never used until now.


After being on Pinterest for about a year, I’m finally putting it to use. That’s how I found the sketch that I used for this page. Though the sketch shows only two photos, I thought the design was perfect for a photo strip. And you know how many of those I have . . .

Fun fact: At first the photo strip got lost on the banners, so I drew a frame around it with a pink marker. This helped ground the image.


Flair is one of my favorite things to scrapbook with these days. Plus photos like this one.


I used a sketch by Shimelle for this page. The design and embellishments are pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, but I’m still pleased by how this turned out. I especially like the gray text patterned paper, which adds a much-needed darker touch to the page.

Fun fact: I’ve used this sketch before with a previous layout.

This Is Us

I’ve been using Page Maps sketches as the basis for several of my pages lately; I used one for this layout.

This Is Us

The stashometer rating on this one is 68%. Hurray for using lots of cardstock from the stash!

Fun Fact: The viewmaster patterned paper is one that I saw and loved. I have at least half a dozen (and maybe more) sheets left. Here’s another layout where I used this paper.

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