Love This

I am still playing with the contents of the March Messy Box. Here’s another page I made with it.

Love This

I have tried to scrapbook this photo several times, but I kept not knowing what to do with it. The orange background of the photo itself is not quite orange and not quite coral, so I always got stuck when I tried to choose a color scheme. I came across it again and decided to try the Messy Box patterns with it. Instead of trying to find a perfect match for the color, I went with a patterned paper that has a variety of colors. That turned out to do the trick, though I like the way the gray polka-dot paper keeps the photo from being overwhelmed by the rest of the colors.

From there, creating the page was pretty simple. I added a title, made two other small embellishment clusters, and dropped some mist.

Fun fact: The patterned paper I used for the base of this layout actually has a heart border on one side of the page. I covered up most of the hearts so that it just looked like a scalloped edge. It’s on the left side of the layout.



I’ve been mixing things up with my scrapbooking by doing more two-page layouts. Here is a recent one.

Awesome 1

Awesome 2

I used a layout from an issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine as my design inspiration. It was fun to put this together–and great to use a postcard from the restaurant as well.

Since all the paper I used for this layout is from my stash, the stashometer rating is 65%.

Fun fact: Since there’s some trapped space between the round photo and the heart sticker, I added the heart wood veneer to fill up the space. Then I added it to a few other places on the layout as well.

Just See Me

There are loads of monthly scrapbooking kits out there, but I haven’t subscribed to any in years. The last one I did was Club Scrap, and I ultimately stopped getting the kits because I wasn’t using them quickly enough. I won’t tell you how much Club Scrap paper I have left because I would just be depressed about it. Don’t get me wrong–it’s great stuff, but it doesn’t do me any good unless I use it! I’ve been working on that.

Back to scrapbooking kits. When I first heard about the Messy Box, I wasn’t convinced I wanted to do it. I hesitated for a couple of reasons and even made a pro/con list. First, I’m not a pocket page scrapbooker. Every now and then I’ve thought about trying it, but then I start thinking of what it would take to make sure I had enough photos for the week/month/whatever. And create coordinating pages. And try to stay caught up when I am not a chronological scrapper. Then my head explodes. So I wasn’t sure I would use a lot of the kit. I ultimately rationalized decided that I already use cards on my scrapbook pages, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

Then there was the size. The albums and papers come in 9 x 12 format, and I’m a 12 x 12 scrapper. End of story. So how would I work with these papers? This fell on the con side for me.

The designs themselves fell on the pro side. I love the style of the products. And I have an elaborate system of storing paper scraps that would ensure I used the paper as long as I make an effort. As you might have guessed, I ultimately gave in and purchased the March kit. Here’s my first layout made with it.

Just See Me

The products from the kit are the multicolored paper, black-and-white striped paper, and pink tissue circles. Everything else is from the scraproom de excess.

So far I’ve created another page using that kit (and I’ll post it next week), and I still have many supplies left, such as the cards, a few sheets of paper, and several embellishments. As you might guess, I ordered the April kit (which should be here any day now).

Fun fact: I created the floral cluster on the right side of the page to cover an ink misting mishap. Initially I wasn’t sure what I thought about the floating circle, but I decided I like how it adds balance to the right side and creates a visual triangle of circles.

Lookin’ Back with No Regrets

I used to do regular scrapbook challenges, but it’s been a while. So when I saw some at My Kreative Pursuits, I thought why not give one a try? Here’s the result.

Lookin' Back with No Regrets

Here’s the sketch I used.

laura sketch

The stashometer rating is high on this layout: 55%. Many of the accessories are new, but most of the paper is from my stash. I am especially glad to use the main floral patterned paper, which has been in my stash for more than 10 years. It’s a little surprising that I’d use it for a layout about going to a concert, but it works. That paper gave me the inspiration for the color scheme.

Fun fact: I originally planned to journal directly on the paper, but the only spot big enough was above the photo, which seemed like an awkward place for it. I ultimately wrote the journaling on the white and green tag in the top center of the page.

Your Friendship Makes Sense Now

Most of my pages start with a photo. This one started with a quote from a friend. Actually, it started when the peeps at work decided to be officially sorted into Hogwarts houses. To no-one’s surprise, Joel ended up being a Slytherin. To my mild surprise, so did I.


And that brings us back to the quote:

I didn’t think you were both Slytherin. Your friendship makes a whole lot more sense now.

I was very amused by the notion that our friendship didn’t make sense before . . . and I also knew I had to capture the quote on a scrapbook page. Which I’ve done here.

Your Friendship

Since I had one photo and wanted to make the title a big part of the page, I looked for that kind of layout when I was deciding on a design. I ended up using this page from 52 Scrapbooking Challenges as inspiration, but I made a number of changes to it as you can see.

20150413_191918-1 (429x600)

I decided to make green a big part of the color scheme since it’s a Slytherin color and goes with the T-shirts we’re wearing. I went with more of a mint green. Because there is so much going on with the title and multicolored patterned paper, I decided not to do much in the way of embellishing. I am really pleased with this page.

Fun fact: The large letters of “friendship” were originally clear; I painted them with acrylic paint to coordinate.

Go Green

Yes, I do think it’s time for another layout from comic con. Can you guess who this gentleman is? The layout offers loads of hints.

Go Green

I took my inspiration from this Sketchabilities sketch.

This layout took a lot of time to do, but that wasn’t because of the sketch. No, it was because I fiddled with all the embellishments before adhering everything. I still wonder if I should have painted the wooden arrows on the left, but I’m going with what I’ve got now.

I also spent a lot of time figuring out a title for the page. I didn’t want to use “Meeting the Arrow” as the title because I’ve used variations of this on other comic con layouts, but I wanted a heading that would still evoke the show. I looked for a quote and couldn’t find just the right one. I finally came up with this one.

Fun fact: I liked how the flair looked in the stamped circle that I repeated the technique here. Check out the first time I used it.

Mediterranean Retreat

I was doing some organizing in my scraproom when I came across unfinished layout.


I’m not sure what I was doing with the paint, but that’s only one thing I don’t like about this page. So I decided it needed a makeover.

Med Retreat 1

Med Retreat 2

I wasn’t planning to go with a two-page sketch until I saw this one and decided it was perfect. I liked the vanilla/gray paper from the original page, so I kept it. Since there is so much wood furniture in the photos, I tried a woodgrain paper and liked the results. Then I found the floral patterned paper, which adds a bright aspect that I love.

Once I had the paper, I added embellishments in clusters. I had originally put the “Today” piece back in my stash but ultimately added it back to the page.

So in the end, I kept what was good about the page, but now I’m happier with the layout.

Fun fact: I had fun with my rotary stamps on this page. I am using them more and more these days.

Selfie Practice

Another week; another scrapbook page.

Selfie Practice

I was a little stumped for the color scheme on this one but ultimately decided to go with blue. From there, I chose a sketch from Page Maps and was off. I am not completely happy with the finished result, but I decided I’ve stared at it long enough. I’m calling it done!

Side note: I’m not sure if I’ll ever learn how to take a good selfie, but at least practicing is fun.

Fun fact: Once I chose the “fabulous” sticker on the bottom right, I decided to add gold on the upper left as well. For that, I embossed a doily with gold embossing powder.

Friends & the Babadook

Why, yes. I do have stacks of unscrapbooked photos of me at the movies with friends. Doesn’t everyone? At least now I can add this one to the scrapbooked and done pile. Yay!

Friends & the Babadook

I chose the design of this page from a layout in an issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine.

I ended up creating this page over several days. I adhered the photo, patterned paper, and journaling cards one day. Next came the washi tape (which I’m always happy to use!) and the embellishment clusters at the top left and middle right. When I returned to the layout to write my journaling, I also added the stamped phrase, elaborated on the title, and created another cluster of embellishment in the bottom right corner. There is probably more embellishing I could do, but I’m pleased with where things ended up here.

Fun fact: The photo is a 6 x 10 I mistakenly ordered instead of a 6 x 8. It’s wider than I anticipated, but the size helps it stay the focus of the page, especially since it is so dark.

Hour with a Legend

I have a bunch of photos from various comic cons, and I decided it was long past time to scrapbook some of them. First up: Patrick Stewart.

Hour with a Legend

Most of my layouts begin with a sketch. For this page, I used one from Shimelle. I was drawn to it because it features two photos and has plenty of room for journaling. I did a lot of fiddling with this page: moving layers of paper around and deciding what embellishments to add. I spent a ridiculous amount of time deciding what to do with the wood chevron pieces. I ended up inking them and gluing them to the page.

The stashometer rating is a respectable 28% due to the paper layers.

Fun fact: I was sitting on the back row of this panel. My camera has a very good zoom; I’m quite pleased with the photos I got.

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