Not Have Fun

One thing I try to do is scrapbook the tough times as well as the fun times. This layout shows a tough time my niece had when it was time for her to go on an outing.

Not Have Fun

She was convinced that she was not going to have fun. However, when she came back, I asked if she had fun and she said yes. And then continued to tell me about what she did. So in this case, it’s an all’s well that ends well layout.

Have you ever scrapbooked about an event or time that was not positive?

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  1. awwww this is so cute. Love the paper choices! great job documenting this not so fun moment (hehe)

  2. very cute! I love your use of the animal spot paper.

  3. Too cute!! It’s def good to scrap the not always having fun memories too!!

  4. so pretty! Love the animal print!

  5. Poor sweet baby girl!!!! Glad to hear she did have fun :)

  6. So cute! And the paper choice matches her outfit perfectly.

  7. That is so cute! I have a few pages that I need to do with my son crying, and being a stinker over silly things. These types of layouts are so fun to look back on.

  8. Too cute!

  9. haha, this so reminds me of my childhood. I think I did that a lot, thinking something was gonna suck and ended up having fun. Yup, I like to scrapbook about my son’s tantrum. Like this one here, about his first beach experience. His grumpy face really cracked us up! Horrible parents lol!

  10. This is a cute layout, I have one like this about a naughty chair. Love Penny