Senior Dinner Dance

This seems to be a month for me to redo layouts. I guess I was inspired by that Glitter Girl video, and I’m just going with it. Here’s the original version of a layout I did in the early 2000s.


I used mulberry paper on a previous layout and ended up keeping it on that one. This one, though, has mulberry paper gone amuk. It had to go. I also wanted to add more color so it didn’t have such a stark red and white color scheme.

Senior Dinner Dance

Since I am wearing red in the photo, I decided to stick with red for the layout. Then I found the aqua and red patterned paper and the rest of the page came together from that. No stashometer rating here, but I am thrilled with the new look. Oh, wait. I did use an old embossing powder, so the stashometer rating is 15%.

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  1. Love the new layout :)

  2. Looks good love the red.

  3. Great re-do on your layout.
    My highschool’s name was also Hillcrest :)