Oh Hello Love

The last layout I posted has a similar title to this one, but it featured four photos. This one has one photo, but it’s supersized. Hopefully you’ll understand why.

Oh Hello Love

I can’t believe how quickly this girl is growing up. She turned four last week, and this photo is from a month or so ago. More glitter! What can I say–I have glitter and I know how to use it. :) This is another simple page. And my niece loved it, which is always a bonus.

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  1. LOVE this and yep you can never have to much glitter :)

  2. beautiful layout and niece.

  3. Oh I understand! You want her as close to natural size as you can! I love the colors and the photo is amazing! Take care!

  4. Beautiful little girl, love those glittered accents.

  5. Supersize photos are the best!

  6. What a beautiful niece, and a lovely layout! Love Penny

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