Dumb Phone

I got a new phone a few months ago. It’s not a “smart” phone, but I like it just fine, so I decided to do a scrapbook page about it.

Dumb Phone

I used a sketch from Page Maps for the layout and had fun putting bits and pieces together to make the page. The one thing I do on this phone that I didn’t do on the previous one is text. Yes, I am finally doing the texting thing.

I also dug into my stockpile of rub-ons and used added some rub-on stitching. I ran out so I had to fill in the rest with a pen. I’m hoping that’s not too obvious, though.

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  1. Loving the layers and the title work! and so true, with my phone I just need to text nothing else :)

  2. Love this! I am working on a layout about a switch I made recently with my cell phone. Love technology layouts like this. They will be fun to look back on years from now. :)

  3. I did one a few years ago about my love for all things Apple. I love tech layouts. Everything changes so quickly now that its great to document it for the future.

  4. Haha, that’s a great layout!!

  5. Great layout. What a great story to tell.

  6. hahaha what an awesome title!!! I love this idea

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