I have not been scrapbooking much lately; instead, I am following my annual tradition of being sick for most of January. I’m feeling loads better now, but even so I have no energy and tend to hack up a lung or two each night. A couple nights ago, I had a moment of wanting to scrapbook. So I’m hoping that feeling will return when I have some stamina.

In the meantime, here’s another page I hadn’t gotten around to sharing yet.


Scrapbookers have a rep for taking lots of photos of food. I don’t take all that many, but I was so amused by the name of these chicken drumsticks that I couldn’t resist. When it came time to scrapbook them, it was nice to pull out a bunch of brown supplies–it’s a color I have in excess. I do use it a fair amount, especially with the boys, but it’s always fun to use up some supplies.

What’s a unique food you’ve tried?

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  1. The title really pulled my in to the layout! I love brown as well. It’s a great neutral that works well with almost everything.

  2. Oh yummy! That looks delish. Great layout and nice photo.

  3. The food and the layout look yummy!